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SMhack – The Best Social Media Management Tool

Social media management platform

Hit ‘like’ on your favorite shoe brand a) Nike b) Adidas c) Lee cooper d) puma. How many times do you get to see such kind of posts while surfing your Facebook newsfeed? I guess several times. Does it seem frivolous? No, not at all as live graphics of the customer behavior can be determined which is quite beneficial for the brand.

The recent statistics depict that there are over 2.2 billion Facebook users and 300 million twitter users.  Out of the massive users 38% users are youngsters and 29% are teenagers. Surveys depict that nearly two-thirds of American adults are the users of social media. There has been tenfold increase in the number of users in the past decade.

Social networking sites have been widely accepted across the globe. The sites have come up as a tool for communication, building relationships and networking but in recent days, they are considered more than platforms for communication. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace and G+ are seen as the media for social campaigning, endorsing a brand, promoting a movie, studying and visualizing the customer behavioral pattern. Gone are the days when manual surveys, data mining etc. were used to scrutinize customer behavior. Today social media marketing is in much demand. Marketing techniques such as consumers online brand related activities (COBRA) and electronic word of mouth (eWOM) are used to proliferate web traffic and as a consequence, an increase of sales is experienced.

SMhack-Facebook, Twitter encapsulated into one

I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts and in order to view them simultaneously, I open these in two different browsers and manage by switching between the browsers. This seems a fine alternative but is quite annoying and boring. There is no gainsaying that many of us have accounts in both Facebook and Twitter. Our worries are going to be wiped off soon with the launch of SMhack.

SMhack is an efficient social media management tool. It brings Facebook, Twitter conversations under one roof making it convenient for the users to view and manage their multiple social media conversations.

With SMhack one can

  • Manage all the conversations across Facebook and twitter in one place.
  • Assign task to team members
  • Schedule content across multiple social channels
  • Analyze social media marketing efforts using analytics.

This startup is based out of United States of America, North America.

SMhack Interface 

SMhack’s UI (user interface) is quite attractive and simple to use. The interface is similar to that of Gmail and other email interfaces. Inbox, publish, reports are the elements of smhack. Inbox helps you view all your twitter and Facebook conversations. One could compose posts by tapping on the compose option. It lets you publish content in multiple social media platforms with just two clicks.

Publishing in multiple accounts wasn’t so simple right?  It facilitates scheduling of posts on Twitter and Facebook. Reports depict the marketing potential through analytics. This amazing social media management tool provides an option to ping the team members in case of any issue and the team members guide the users to help resolve the issue. User has to attach Facebook profile /twitter profiles to use the product. One could also invite Facebook friends as well as twitter friends with the invite user option. It also provides an option of content publishing calendar through which one can stay in control of the content published. Users have control over the content that goes out to multiple social platforms through this calendar overview.

All in one solution for Social media managers

SMhack tends to provide varied options for social managers to easily manage social media with options to

  • Automatically publish the content and engage the audience
  • Keep customers happy by quickly responding to their queries
  • Quickly analyze what your audience is sharing the most
  • Improve productivity by keeping an eye on the most important statistics

Team SMHack

Social media marketing as easy as pie

Historical data is always useful and helps in making wiser decisions. SMhack “the growth hacking tool” provides complete social media analytics to improve future reach using in-depth reports. Success is achieved through team work. It provides a platform to bring together the team of social media markets and gives the option of assigning and managing tasks with your teammates by setting permissions to streamline the workflow.

It provides convenient way of composing post as easy sending an email and publishing posts in multiple social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. Time of posting plays a vital role in engaging the right audience at right time in social media. For example McDonald’s minion inspired dessert “banana Mc flurry” was introduced into the menu couple of days before the release of the movie ‘The minions’. As a consequence, there was an increase in the sales of banana mc flurry. What would have happened had it been introduced a couple of days after the release of the movie? A point to be noted- Time does play a vital role in social media marketing.

SMhack lets user to publish Facebook posts and tweets in the future according to scheduled time irrespective of the user’s presence. As a result, you would engage the audience as well as save time which could be used for personal interaction with the audience. The posts can also be sent to queue where SMhack helps find the best time to publish. It provides comprehensive Facebook insights and Twitter analytics reports. 

Bottom Line

Smhack is not open to the public yet. It is available in beta version.

I have signed up for the beta version and I really loved the tool. The team of SMhack has put in a lot of tangible and in-tangible efforts to guide the users as well as solve the users issue ASAP.

I honestly think that the idea is great and with its launch, it would be completely leveraged by the social media marketers as well as social media managers.

SMhack has to go a long way and I hope it turns out to be an epitome of success!

StartupWhale wishes SMhack all the best for their journey!



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