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Website Design Considerations for Start-ups

A well-built and customized website with the proper flow can bring copious amount of value to the start-ups. A website makes it easy for clients, prospective clients and audiences of all kinds to find you and learn more about you. So, it is a 24X7 information booklet for all intents and purposes. It also allows people to communicate with you easily. 

Having a website for your start-up is as important as having a mobile phone for yourself. Apart from depicting your area of expertise, a website is a live portfolio for your work experience. A website can be described as a window that showcases your abilities, your experience, your team and the entire idea behind your start-up. However, it is easier said than done! Having a website is not enough; as you have to put a lot of thought process in its design and overall user experience. Websites for start-ups must be crisp and offer direct information regarding all aspects such as services, products, work experience, skill-set and other such things. Apart from these, the start-ups should focus on having a website that highlights the work or goals the team can do or achieve resp. Read further to learn the important factors to consider when you choose a web development company.

Websites for Start-ups – How, Why, When and Where?


  • Website designing can be done on many platforms these days with the help of a web development company. Much thanks to the latest technological and internet revolution, you can find many free, cheap, and popular platforms for your website. 
  • If you have budget issues, start humbly and opt for the free websites. Then upgrade as you earn and learn. 
  • Choosing the right platform that is safe, secure, has a high rating in terms of user experience and readability is a must. Nobody wants to browse a website that just has pictures, or just text, or is boring or has a colour theme, which is repellent. In addition, nobody wants to wake up one day just to find that the website is erased or hacked or in any other sort of mess because the platform was not that reliable and robust. 
  • Designing is the easiest with readymade templates and the most difficult with high-level platforms.


  • Having a website means that you and your start-up is ONLINE ALWAYS. People all over the globe have access to your work experience, contact information, portfolio, and the whole idea of ‘what we can do for you’.
  • Website is the first line of communication between vendor and client. It is simply the best online channel that speaks a lot without you having to indulge in detailed introductions.


  • There is no particular instant of time that can be termed as ‘right’ for developing a website. 
  • You can have a website as soon as you establish your start-up. However, choose a design wisely, so that the website doesn’t seem vague or ‘empty’ just because you don’t have any experiences to showcase.


  • A website can be hosted on many platforms these days. From the free ones that have a robust and reliable framework to the paid ones that have various plans for different budgets – there is no limit to the number of places.
  • Many successful start-ups started as a small blog on free platforms such as WordPress and BlogSpot etc.

Now that we have developed a wholesome idea let us move ahead and learn about the various website design considerations for the start-ups. 


Website Design for start-ups – A Perfect Guide:

1.Website for start-ups should be:


Informative in summation of all the aspects

Based on infographics instead of the classic text-and-image combos

A precise and clear depiction of the start-up ideology, abilities and areas of expertise

2. Websites for start-ups should offer:

Clear-cut information of the services or products

    • Visuals-based portfolios that offer a crisp overview of the work done till date
    • Contact information which is always ONLINE or is permanent

3. Websites for start-ups must have:

    • Domain-centric blogs
    • Proper social media handles to share work-related information and trivia

4. Single Page Layout speaks more for the start-ups with less work experience:

When you start working, you don’t have much information to show and host on the website. Therefore, in that phase, having a website with a single-page layout is the best resort. This allows you to offer all kinds of information without feeling the need of posting vague content. A single-page website also allows you to follow a proper information flow and make use of insightful infographics to display the business process and business model in a proper manner. 

5. A design for the user rather than the vendor:

Design your website such that the USERS or CLIENTS or INVESTORS find it engaging. Host the information such that it TALKS to THEM instead of any random text and image combos. Highlight the following:

    • Goals of the start-up
    • Technologies you work with and on
    • Deliverables that you can help your clients achieve
    • Areas of expertise
    • Service Portfolio Highlights

Go for crisp short-liners that talk much better than the paragraphs.

6. Agility over Aesthetics:

The website for start-ups should focus on being agile and conveying that the team is agile as well. Therefore, it should be interactive, yet, devoid of classic and boring aesthetics. Instead of posting videos on the headers that take forever to load, it is better to have a simple header with bold goals or services that your start-up can offer.

7. Don’t put a limit on the audiences you can cater:

Instead of using phrases such as:

    • ‘We offer matrimonial services for divorced and widowed persons’ or
    • ‘We offer content services for education, fashion and travel’ or 
    • ‘We are just like Flipkart for the people of Bangalore’ etc

You must opt for phrases that depict the ability to scale and grow in the end and don’t require much effort when the time comes. 

For example, you can use:

    • ‘We offer matrimonial services’ or
    • ‘We offer high-quality content services for third parties’ or
    • ‘We specialize in e-commerce for a wide range of products’

Such statements widen your horizons and allow you to take any new opportunity that arises out of the area that you started with.

8. Statistics must not be ignored!

Another important thing is to check the statistics and analytics regularly and work using the results from them. For example, if you are appearing in searches for a particular product, take cues and make it a highlight or post links for the other products on that page.

These are some web design considerations for the start-ups that will come handy to design a website that brings all the right attention!

So, follow them, choose the right web development company and give the right start to your online presence!

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