Top 5 E-Learning Development Programs

With the advent of modern technologies in web-development, there has been a revolution in the learning and teaching methods. Education is astonishingly finding its home beyond the walls of schools and colleges. Online teaching programs have made it possible to take online classes and distribute course materials to the students, irrespective of their physical locations.

How e-learning came into existence? E-learning development programs are the factors that made it possible to create interactive online courses and distribute them across the planet through the internet. That is how formal e-learning was introduced to mankind. What exactly is an e-learning software, how it helps?

What is an e-learning software?

An e-learning software is a program that offers a variety of tools to create online courses and specified users to access them from anywhere through the internet. With different levels of access and features, any such online teaching software provides all set of abilities to accommodate a learner and instructor on the same platform. In simple terms, they are content management systems (CMS) with an extra set of abilities to facilitate teaching and learning in an online environment.

How to find a good e-learning software?

It is difficult to engage learners in the teaching process. In simple terms, a software that can create engaging courses and complies with fundamental requirements to deliver methods of interaction is a good e-learning or online learning program. Below is a list of fundamental requirements for any good e-learning development program. The software must possess the ability to-

  • Create interactive online courses.
  • Allow learners to access the courses from anywhere on the internet.
  • Show syllabus and course summary to the learners.
  • Create lectures in different formats like text, video, and audio.
  • Provide feedback on the teaching as well as the learning process.
  • Set monetization methods like individual course price or subscription plans.
  • Create custom coupons to provide discounts on the courses.
  • Scale up as the requirements increase over time.

Top 5 E-Learning Development Programs

Based on experience and study on different e-learning authoring tools in the market, we have prepared a list of top five e-learning software programs that fulfill the above requirements:

  1. Elucidat

The main reason for including Elucidat e-learning authoring tool to our list is its ability to create custom themes and availability of ready-made project templates. This makes the project quite easy and faster for a person with less technical knowledge. It supports all the major content formats and offers the ability to assess the learning process using online quizzes.

Moreover, the courses created are based on HTML 5 that makes them responsive to mobile devices. Therefore, reaching out to a wide range of audience on mobile as well as desktop browsers is quite accessible with this platform. You can also see a preview of how your pages would look on different mobile devices. Using SCORM, MOOC and Tin Can, you can quickly publish your e-learning courses or export them to your existing learning management system (LMS).


  1. Adobe Captivate 9

Adobe Captivate 9 provides e-learning toolkit for authoring highly responsive and interactive online courses. Without any additional software, it can host all files on the cloud, offering an immediate access to the team members. Anyone with the access can promptly make editing in the projects in real-time. Moreover, the captivate 9 also allows you to import PowerPoint slides into existing e-learning projects.

With an array of multimedia tools like HD screen recording, screen-casting, and audio synchronization, Captivate offer an unmatched experience of handling the video courses. Moreover, with Branch-Aware Quizzing, the platform is capable of conducting assessment quizzes as soon as a learner completes a module.

The free iPad app added in the latest version enhances the USP of this platform. Moreover, it possesses a unique ability to transform the storyboards into more interactive sessions using exclusive features like scenario branching and built-in multimedia tools.

  1. Gomo

Gomo is also a cloud-based eLearning development tool capable of designing and hosting the online courses from the same platform. This e-learning authoring tool has made to our list because of its unmatched scalability and flexibility to handle an array of content formats. With HTML5, one can design mobile responsive courses using this tool in no time. Additionally, it offers an array of supporting tools to create, repurpose and track videos using screen recording, AI captioning, and automatic translation. The platform also offers online quizzes to assess a learner’s growth. You can also generate the learning reports based on the assessments done.

The unique selling point of this tool is the voice-over audio, where trainers can narrate and record their audio lectures in addition to the regular text-based content. The platform is best suited for all kinds of trainers with any level of understanding for technical stuff. In fact, it is comparatively simpler to use this tool for course management and user management.

  1. Articulate Storyline:

Unlike others in our list, an Articulate Storyline is a Windows-based software with greater similarity to the Microsoft’s PowerPoint. It may not be the simplest tool in our list, but definitely one of the best in terms of authoring a highly personalized course content.

The courses created on this platform can in-house even the trickiest implementations for making the illustrations interactive and comprehensible. Articulate grants a flexible architecture in adapting to branding and customization needs of any level. With high-level video encoding, a tutor can easily upload HD videos without compressing them.

Moreover, the Dockable panes and windows make multi-tasking quite accessible and are some of its USPs as well. You can also utilize multiple monitors to see the preview on one monitor while working with the tools on an extra monitor.

  1. ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is web-based e-learning authoring tool that can construct and host online courses with absolute ease. It offers an array on built-in templates, which help the tutors to create course modules without any technical knowledge. The platform itself is highly responsive and facilitates seamless browsing of course content on any device, screen size, or orientation. ProProfs allows you to efficiently create, repurpose and track courses in different formats: Video, docs, presentations, SCORM files and many more.

With automated grading and assessment, the learners can complete their courses and get certificates without manual intervention. Trainee tracking & progress reports allow the learners and tutors to have a constant insight into the areas of improvement.

Why should you use e-learning development Programs?

  • As an entrepreneur: You can use these programs to launch your own e-learning platform or marketplace. You can invite tutors and students to use it, while you will earn from the subscriptions and commissions paid by tutors and students to you.
  • As a tutor: If you possess some tutoring skills, you use these tools to create interactive online courses and earn from the students directly, rather than signing up on an e-learning marketplace and giving out commissions.
  • As a corporate trainer: If you own a firm and spending millions on classroom training of your employees scattered around the globe, you can utilize these tools for online corporate training like the 77% of the US organizations.

E-learning Development programs have shifted the power to create online teaching methods from the hands of tech-savvy persons to the common people. Today, for a person with tutoring skills and management capabilities, developing an online learning platform is just a matter of few clicks. The innovative solutions like e-learning authoring tools and cloud computing have eliminated the weight of coding from the entrepreneurs. You can enjoy focusing on your tutoring skills or your organization’s growth while the developers of these platforms will handle the coding part for you.

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