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Alola – Your Health and Fitness Advisor


More often than not, we tend to indulge in fast food and our body suffers in this regard. With every 3 cups of coffee and the frozen food that we eat, our health gets deteriorated. But, with our fast paced life and no time to cook real and healthy food, how many options are we left with? None, that is what everyone thinks.

And this is the reason why the founders of Alola created this app. It is a blessing for people who are running out of time every day and thereby subsequently compromising on their health. Alola does a lot for you and one of those things is to make a personalized grocery list. All this at the convenience of your phone! What else could you have wished for?

About Alola

The app is currently in its beta development stage. The founders of this app are Hishami, Mark Meador, Kelly Powers, Mohammad Shaaban. They have come together to create this app that will redefine what people eat and how much they eat. The app’s ability to personalize according to everyone’s lifestyle and health is the much needed feature in this world. Not everyone is vexed with the same problems and choices and this is what the makers of this app focused on when they were brainstorming to create this app.

This start-up is based out of San Francisco, California.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating healthy food in their day-to-day life is Aloha’s target audience. There is no one out there who doesn’t want to be healthy and put something useful in their body. This app is specifically designed for those people who are living their lives on the clock and have no time to think about what is right for them and what is not.

Genesis of Alola

There is an inspiring story behind the inception of the app. Mohammad Shaaban, the CEO and founder of Alola had his own tryst with cancer when in 2008, his mother was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. She was given two options, the first one was the chemotherapy and the pain that comes with it. The second one was to eat only healthy and real food. Being a brave soul, his mother chose the food option and in 2011, she was declared cancer-free.

This experience had changed Mohammad’s perspective. We have become so self-involved that we have forgot to take care of the most important thing – our health. And after this experience, Alola was born in an attempt to help people live a fuller and healthier life without any tension of impending disease and relying on medicines.

Why Alola?

There are tons of other apps that will provide you with a list of items that are classified as healthy and give you complete recipes for it too. Then, why should you go for Alola? Here are some features of the app that will convince you about its USP and how amazing it is to have a personal dietician at your beck and call.

  • Freedom to your eating options: You don’t have to follow any strict diet regime. With Alola, you get your personalized list and you get to choose what you want to put in your body.
  • Made for you: Alola’s unique feature is that it is tailored for you. The app is able to read your dietary preferences and medical conditions and suggests you foods and recipes accordingly. There is no danger of you falling in a critically ill condition.
  • Beneficial to entire family: If you want to remain healthy and include your partner or the entire family in this good way of living, then Alola helps you do that too.
  • Adaptive to you: No one’s lifestyle is stagnant. Everyone has their changing preference of food and the exercise they do per day. Alola knows and understands this. And will adapt to you accordingly.

Everything that Alola suggests comes from a certified dietician, so you can be assured that they have you covered. You don’t have to worry about your health, as Alola is designed for that very purpose. Do you need any more reasons to use this app?

Meet the team

The idea of using a proprietary algorithm that recognizes and helps you in following the best food routine was of a team. The inception of this great app was possible with the brainstorming sessions of these four. The CEO and founder of the app is Mohammad Shaaban who has founded many other apps. It was his experience that led to the development of the idea behind the app. Hishami is the co-founder as well as the CTO of the app and you can follow him on twitter here, Mark Meador is the co-founder and the COO of the app who has a lot of experience in handling apps and developing them.

Kelly Powers is the co-founder as well as the dietician of Alola. She is integral to the team and her inputs will help in guiding the app in a certain direction. You can follow her on twitter here, She believes in living a healthy lifestyle as she practices Pilates and yoga everyday. And she is a firm believer in whole foods and mind body connection.


Alola is bound to face a lot of competition from the apps which have already proven their metal in this field.

  • MyFitnessPal
  • My Diet Coach
  • Super Foods
  • Nutrino
  • Yogic Foods

And plenty of other apps.

The bottomline

Our body is too precious to be ignored like a garbage bin. Instead of putting burgers and pizzas and succumbing to fatal diseases that can end our lives, why not try and eat healthy food. Many obese people know the struggle of excessive weight and it is not a pleasant experience. Alola is genuinely focusing on bringing people’s attention to the benefits of healthy eating by suggesting them some very great options. Remember, a healthy mind can reside in a healthy body only. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Cheers!

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