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Another Pursuit – A Creative Online Platform

another pursuit


Another Pursuit is aningenious online platform show casing cultural content for those looking for fascinating stories, thrilling photography’s and striking videos. It is the one place for discovering the cultures of the world.

The idea

Another Pursuit was created on the conviction that by learning from each other’s experience, we can create a better understanding of the cultures around us which would help us break down break down cultural barriers. It aims to revolutionize the travel media industry by creating a universal community that supplies unique cultural content.

The information you will find on Another Pursuit platform comes from a variety of sources. They publish and share blog articles, documentaries, photographs, music and everything you may need fora distinct and comprehensive cultural experience. The main objective is to share with you the information that will inspire, update and subsequentlypropel you to discover the world and truly experience the best of local cultures in your travels and at home.

 How It Works

  •              Pick A Country

They have a wide range of countries in the list, select a culture you want to explore.

  •            Find your Interest

Find the cultural content that means something to you. From history and art, to music and cuisine, discover authentic cultural topics.

  •            Access Unique Content

Enjoy the unique selection of Articles, photography, documentaries, Instagram accounts recommendation’s, playlists, among others, from all corners of the world.

A Platform to learn

Every one has a lot to learn, a lot to explore, not just for the sake of acquainting oneself with only one culture but to welcome and acquaint another perspective as well. Other cultures offer different ways of looking at the world and our place in it. They show why and what our culture think of as “right” might not be right for them. Other cultures also show how we all have a lot and I mean a lot in common.

Without any knowledge about other cultures, you have no hope in understanding what the world is really like. The real reason why we should pick upfrom other cultures is because, different perspectives help us to improve our understanding.

As cliché as it sounds, we are like a fish in a fish bowl. The fish swims inside the bowl completelysubmergedin water and has glass barriers on all sides, but still, it is unaware of their presence. Our culture strongly resembles that water and glass. We see the world through a screen of prejudice created by our subconscious mind, explicit values and beliefs.

Imagine one platform where you learn the different variants of culture, dresses, music cuisine, beauty of the landscape all that you want to know, wouldn’t that be great.

Let usall  join the world of knowledge and change the way we think!

 Share your experiences

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Whether you are a magazine publisher, digital brand SEO, personal blogger or have any kind of cultural content, display your content with Another pursuit. Share your experiences, show the world your knowledge, promote the culture of your country by publishing fascinating stories, thrilling photography or striking videos. Another Pursuit is taking an initiative to promote different forms of bloggers. It answers to the need that lots of users face especially, when they have to establish contacts, when they intend to make themselves known in the travel blogging and journalism fields, without needing to lose their style and independence. The aim of the association is to group, to represent, and to professionalize those people interested in making their travel experiences known.

What travelling teaches

Flexibility– You will always make plans. However, it is not necessary that everything goes well in perfect accordance with your plans. With cancelled flights, delayed flights, over crowded trains or bad weather, travel doesn’t always go the way you hope. You quickly learn how to deal with setbacks and adjust accordingly. It develops an adaptable nature which helps us let go of things you cannot control.

A world exists outside of yourself- it may sound funny, but travel helps you shed your selfish side. At a point of time a person is self-centred, but travelling makes you look around and see life. It makes you more compassionate.

Self-belief– As you leave the border line of the familiar living, meaningful travel journey by its nature takes you on to test and expand self-knowledge. Experiencing the gritty realness of an unfamiliar city and navigating your way through is a confidence builder. Walking on an unknown territory that requires vigilance and fortitude can help increase your self-confidence.

Respect– It is human nature to grumble about things, but while you travel, you neglect such emotions in you. It helps you develop an attitude of gratitude. You learn the importance of respecting others.

Value– Travel has helped many open eyes to small, every day things of life, things that are undervalued, but have great significance. You should often make it a point to interact with people like waiters, chauffeurs, florists, vendors and any random person as they are the one who make travel experience even more rewarding.

Makes you Knowledgeable–  Since the moment you start travelling, life is all about your experiences. You feel like experiencing more and more.  You want to explore more destinations, different cultures, traditions, cuisines and other things to be equipped with knowledge.


Yzza is difficult to be describes in one word, but let me give it a try. She is a successful Entrepreneur, a Patriotic, a devoted Culturist, an avid explorer and an avid traveller. With Another Pursuit, she has combined all her skills and professional preferences into a new company. In this process not only my latent writing skills really awoke, so did my love for this beautiful culture and in many ways found very interesting new things about her country too. Yzza is a creative and innovative social media strategist.

She is quick to identify trends and best practices and has a keen ability to integrate them to the benefit of her clients. She has got a keen mind. She is an epic founder, it is her passion for leaning and travelling that has bought Another Pursuit to life.


Traveling can teach you more than a classroom, job, or relationship ever will. We found that people’s definitions of “the real world” vary quite a bit. The real world experience is all about packing up and ditching your comfort zone. Do away with the familiar side, your safe haven, and experience the unknown things – both little and small. Visit new places, meet new people who may not understand you, get familiar with their customs, celebrate and stay cheerful. Another Pursuit wants to help you to gain the momentous and memorable experience.

We, the members of StartupWhale, wholeheartedly wish the team of Another Pursuit, all the very best for the long and promising journey ahead.

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