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Banana – Create Video Messages Within A Few Seconds



Banana is a new mobile app only for your iPhone (iOS) that allows anyone create hilarious 20 second video messages, choose from a amazing set of awesome video filters, then share with your friends or share with the world, whatever you do with it, just have fun.

The Idea

People watch mobile videos to kill time when free (41%), to unwind (38%) or relax after work (31%). So why not make your friends laugh, help them loosen up from their hectic schedule. Record something funny, communicate by exchanging video clips. This makes our friendship a bit more entertaining and give us the needed boost when low.

It is always considered to see funny things than to hear stories about it later on. Wherever you go whatever fun you do. All the PJ that were cracked, record the moments ad share it with the group or the people at large so everyone can be a part of the moment.

With so much power to heal and renew, the ability to laugh easily and to make others happy why not make Banana a part of our daily life and use it as a platform to share the humour.

And take out a moment to smile!

Laughter is the Best medicine

Humour is infectious.When laughter is shared in proportion, it binds people together creating a special bonding and increases happiness and intimacy.It has proved to a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict.

Have you ever been in a tense or difficult situation when you suddenly burst into a fit of giggles?

This is something only a close friend can manage to do in the weirdest of times. They rejuvenate you. Your ability to laugh can be polished with practice so start by prioritizing fun. So spread the fun

Make humour a priority, share more funny videos. People who are resilient are happier and more successful

Best of all, Banana is priceless medicine which is fun, free, and easy to use.

 Submit Designs

You made a design that makes you smile; your friends love it. So why not share it with the world. So that Others can use it have some fun.

The Team of Banana welcomes personal touch! They would love to see your filter designs may be is being used by hundreds or thousands (maybe millions) of people across the community. Feel free to capitulate as many filter designs as you want, but take a note of it, because of high demand it may take days or weeks to review your filter as a correct selection in the app. (We’ll let you know when it’s about to be going live, and even share the feedback and the popularity in the audience with you)

Filter Design Guidelines

If you use Sketch App: Set it up in an Art board size of 414 x 736 px . Make sure you di it in the correct format. When you’re saving your created design keep a note that the “Background color” check box visible on the lower left corner of your screen is not checked with the tick mark, then export your design at 3X (size) and PNG (format) and you’re all done!

Make sure to name the file like this: yournamefilter@3x.png

If you are using PS or other design tools double check that your canvas size is 1242 x 2208 px at 72 dpi, ensure that you only design with vectors as bitmaps.

Filter Rules

  • Make sure to use your own designs, no copying or stealing
  • No nude or pornographic material (Keep it clean guys)
  • No drug, violence or terrorism related material or content (keep it safe for the kids homie)
  • No racist or tasteless material will be tolerated

Filter Terms

  • All filters once submit will become assets and property of Banana INC , so make sure you do not submit copyright design or TM designs, or designs you have used on other platforms, if caught actions would be taken.
  • By submitting filters you understand and accept that we can use any artwork acknowledged in marketing material, promotionsare potentially profit acquired from these designs.
  • If you wish to have your filter(s) removed once submitted with us and accepted (featured with Banana listings) please send us an email hello(at)blinkapp(dot)com with a detailed description of the format of the filter and the reason that you want your filter to be removed. (A valid reason) so that the team of Banana can process your request. You also need to send in the proof that you are the person who designed and uploaded it to be if the listings.Once we receive the request a member from the customer care team will contact you to provide the resolution of the issue, you can even use our slack group to chat with the team too in care any other help required.

The Team

Kori Handy


Kori completed his education in designing from The Art Institute of Vancouver. Being one one of the most creative student in the university in got placed in Microsoft as a designer. Later on he moved ahead to join Quietly and then PayPal to gain recognition on a global platform. Kori is a talented and pragmatic engineer. He solves difficult problems in complex code. Kori is mature beyond his years, in his decision-making strength, in the thoroughness and quality of his work, he believes in detailed research makes it a unique product.

Mitchell Porter


After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Communication Arizona State University he started his career in Universal Parking, LLC as an Account Manager, and then later joined University of Phoenix as an Enrollment Sep 2013, he started on his journey of his passion to become an entrepreneur and founded Hashtag Ads.Mitchell demonstrates professionalism in all capacities. He is personable and goes out of his way to offer assistance.


 Humor and playful communication establishesand intensifies our relationships by triggering positive feelings and fostering emotional connection. When we laugh with one another, a positive bond is created.

Banana provides a laughter leveraging platform to share small moments of laughter in our daily lives. With the never ending stress, the pressure to meet deadlines, or the fear of examinations, Banana wants you to take out a few seconds to smile and to laugh.

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