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How Can You Trash Your Private Blog Network Forever

Private Blog Network

Adult SEO is interesting. Adult webmasters agree that adult SEO is getting tougher day by day. Building links is easier said than done. Black hat SEO was once considered sinister and murky. Today, the perception is different. Truth be told, porn industry is brimming with dodgy SEO practices. As the lines between white hat SEO and black hat SEO started blurring, adult SEO marketers began embracing PBN aka Private Blog Network.

Before exploring the nuances of PBN, let’s first look at its definition.

Private Blog Network

A PBN is nothing but a network of websites and blogs. The interesting thing is that a PBN is often built on expired or dropped domains. Interestingly, the expired domains give links that are connected with each other.

The very purpose of PBNs is to trick Google into believing that the expired domains are natural sites and are not related with each other. For all intents and purposes, Private Blog Networks can be built on Web 2.0.

Here’s something worth your attention – It’s against the guidelines of Google to build PBNs. If it is against the guidelines of Google, why do digital marketers and adult webmasters include PBNs in their adult SEO website strategy? There is a convincing answer to this question. Read on.

Grey Hat SEO

Is PBN a black hat adult SEO tactic? It’s definitely not a white hat tactic. Opinions are divided though. A few ethical hackers consider PBN a baleful influence. There are quite a few digital marketers who consider it a grey hat practice.

Link Authority

How does Google determine the authority of websites? There are many factors but link authority is an important parameter which is hard to ignore.

Link authority is a function of the following 6 different metrics:

  • DA: Domain Authority. This metric is provided by MOZ
  • PA: Page Authority. A website is made up of several web pages. Page authority signifies the authority of a particular web page within a website. This metric is provided by MOZ
  • TF: Trust Flow. Trust Flow signifies the authority of website pointing links to your adult website. This metric is provided by Majestic
  • CF: Citation Flow. Citation Flow signifies the powerfulness of website pointing links to your adult website. This metric is provided by Majestic
  • Other factors of importance are age of the domain and backlinks.

Picture this scenario for a while. Let’s say – there are 100 links pointing to your adult website. Does this mean your website has good authority? Not necessarily!

If the 100 links come from the same website, Google flags it as spamming. If the 100 links come from 100 different sites, Google reckons it as adult SEO. This is the reason digital marketers build PBNs.

But you should be extremely cautious. Google is an intelligent search engine. It’s capable of identifying the owners of links. The moment Google successfully finds out that the owner of all the 100 links is the same webmaster, his / her websites will be penalized.

Let me state again – Exercise great caution.

Let’s now acquaint ourselves with the 5 step process of building a PBN.

5 Step Process

Step #1: Find Expired Domains

Expired domains that have good CF, TF, PA, DA, age and backlinks should be bought. SEO experts often suggest adult webmasters to stay away from domains that have a history of pharmaceuticals and gambling.

You can use free tools to find expired domains. However, it’s recommended to use paid tools such as Majestic Moz for delving deep into the parameters. To analyze the quality of backlinks, it’s recommended to use ahrefs tool.

Let’s define a few boundaries to make our task easier.

Let’s set the minimum domain age as 4 years. DA and PA should be at-least 20 stats each. The maximum domain price stands at $150. More importantly, the domain should be available immediately for purchase.

Here’s the catch – You should buy domains from different registrars. And of course, it’s suggested to enable Who Is Guard on all the purchased domains. Do not furnish fake details in the Who Is records. Despite iterating umpteen times, adult webmasters furnish fake details and lose ownership of domains.

Step #2: Websites should have different subnet IP addresses

The standard IP address format of adult SEO websites and non-adult websites is PPP.QQQ.RRR.SSS. RRR and SSS should be different for each and every website that’s part of the same PBN.

Different domains should have different hosts. In other words, have different ISPs and random locations.

Step #3:  Devise a strong Content Management Strategy

Hire a quality content writer. Make him write at-least 10 to 15 articles per blog. The word count of each blog should be anywhere between 1000 to 1200 words. Once you have a good number of blogs, schedule at-least 2 blogs per week. There shouldn’t be any anomaly. Everything should look perfectly natural.

Each of the websites should have different content. Spun content is inadmissible. Now, every domain should be linked to a money site only once. I know, it’s absolutely tempting for web masters to link domains to money sites every now and then. Risk is of monumental proportions.

Step #4: Take care of a few hygiene factors  

Adult SEO website strategy entails the important aspect of keeping link profiles natural. A few web pages should have no links. A few web pages should have 3 outgoing links. All the outgoing links should be directed at authority sites that are relevant to your adult niche.

Tell your content writer to draft quality content on About Us, Content Policy, Privacy Policy and other sections of every website.

Step #5: Don’t sell PBN links

Done right, PBNs yield wonderful results. Don’t sell PBN links. A simple PBN may encompass 30 sub-domains. An architecturally complicated PBN may encompass more than 1000 sub-domains.


You should trash your PBN forever. Yes, you read it right.

Adult SEO websites can exist without PBNs. Here are a few reasons to trash your PBN forever:

Cost Investment

cost investment

A quality domain will cost you at-least $150. Who Is Guard will cost you approximately $5. Let us apportion at-least $15 for hosting (Adult hosting isn’t cheap) and $20 for superior quality adult content. In other words, you are likely to incur more than $190 for one site.

Remember, a good PBN is likely to have more than one article and adult domains are expensive.

Time Investment

More often than not, adult webmasters find domains that aren’t meritorious. In other words, domains are un-qualified.

5 step process looks lengthy yet simple on paper. To be upfront, it’s really tough to execute every step with great diligence. If you do a shoddy job, your adult websites suck a big time!

Let’s say you are trying to build a small PBN of 30 websites. You have to invest at-least 30 hours to find 30 qualified domains. For all intents and purposes, a qualified domain has PA and DA of at-least 20 stats each.

The next step is to find web hosts and set up the sites for development. This is a task of monumental proportions. To find web-hosts for 30 sites, it takes an estimated 5 hours.

The next step is to make the sites look natural. So, it’s important to buy templates, devise content on various sections, install plug-ins etc. It takes at-least 5 hours per site for an in-experienced adult webmaster. For experienced webmasters, it may take 2 – 3 hours.    

Let’s do the math now.

For one site:

Domain Search: 1 hour

Web Host Search: 0.5 hour

Site development and set-up: 5 hour

Total: 6.5 hour

For 30 sites, it takes 195 hours!

Cost: 30 × $195 = $5850


Google is intelligent than you think. It’s one of the best and world’s finest search engines. Its algorithms keep evolving. Over a period of time, Google is very likely to find out that all the websites within your PBN are one big happy family.

Let’s face the harsh reality – Your sites are likely to get de-indexed. Your hard work shall vaporize.

Building unnatural inbound links is not a long-term strategy. Returns aren’t amazing. It’s important to invest precious resources in something which is ever lasting. The internet is brimming with generic porn. Build a niche-specific adult website and host superlative content. Get your basic adult SEO right. PBN is best relegated to trash.

Got any doubts? Shoot them in the comments. Found this post useful? Let us know your thoughts. Keep watching this space for more informative content on adult SEO. Cheers!

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