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How to Use Push Notifications for an Online Course Business

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E-Learning has emerged as a pioneer activity at an unprecedented rate in education, corporate business and training sectors with different interpretations for different sectors.

The evolution of different approaches like podcasting, augmented reality, mobile internet, and learning analytics has created a benefit for the online learning niche. Gamification, digitization of the library, e-books, online videos, mobile learning are some notable achievements in online teaching methodologies.

As we know that customer engagement is crucial for any brand, marketing tools like emails, social media, and advertisements make it easier. Moreover, e-learning businesses are also leveraging them to their full capacity by using both browser-based and app-based push notifications. Push notification services are being seen as a way to boost business and help customers in an interactive way.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of push notifications, marketing the courses through it, as well as how interactive notifications can drive leads to your eLearning business.

Advantages of Push Notifications:

  • Sending learning tips through push notifications & in-app messages can help the learners get more engaged.
  • Sending encouraging messages to students when they cross an important milestone in a specific course can help to retain them on the website.
  • Sending discount or coupon messages to your targeted students can get you more conversions.
  • Sending real-time updates and reminders regularly can get your audience involved with your brand.
  • Informing the learners about your course information, schedules, new courses, guides, new ideas, blogs, and tutorials can stimulate user-engagement.
  • Turning the inactive users to active users by providing thoughtful remainders, personalized offers, and breaking news.
  • Improving customer care with valuable content to draw heightened user attention.

Engaging users to your business through interactive notifications:

Our daily life is filled with notifications and alerts. Starting from wake up in the morning, getting notified by a mobile alarm to a screen-full of notifications prompting us to do lots of stuff like respond to people, do new stuff, schedule a visit, etc.

Likewise, there are certain logical steps in education you can use to incorporate these notifications in online businesses also.

According to rubygarage, businesses that run push notifications have 3 times higher retention, 88% better app engagement. 50% of app users find mobile push notifications helpful. Android users open 3.10% push notifications compared to 2.38% users of iOS phones.

The spread of smartphones is being on the rise along with the escalation of different applications every day. The online learning websites and apps are providing unique convenience and accessibility for the user.

The eLearning platforms create immersive user experiences to learn new topics in different forms. Nowadays online courses accommodate multimedia content (video, audio, infographic) in microcontent form. To handle such diverse content, every online educator wants users to engage with the platform in the best way possible.

Push notifications with a direct link on any app and website act as a medium of the remainder to boost engagement. For example, if a certain test is due by the end of the day, or a new lesson content added in the coursework, a simple notification helps an application to re-engage the user and take the next step toward completion.

The remainders and notifications stimulate to build learner habits. The push notifications make online education more accessible by building habits and with a variety of content types. It can help to prevent delays in any unfinished lesson by reducing the barriers. It also encourages social interactions with other learners.

The notifications feature also helps the admin to send instant messages to individual learners and targeted groups of learners. For example, the inbuilt functionality allows admins to do everything from chasing up the late learners to informing them of new courses with new prizes. The notifications will appear on the lock screens of users’ smartphones or the website notification panel.

The admins can either notify to all users or to targeted groups about the defined courses by:

  • Publicly congratulating the prize winners.
  • Sending out custom encouraging messages
  • Telling learners about a new upcoming course.
  • Notifying learners to complete courses if they’re lagging.

How to market ‘Online Courses through Push Notifications’?

In addition to offering the engagement values and utility to online learners, an online learning platform can do a lot more to boost business opportunities with push notifications. Here is how to process:

Select the target audience:

Finding the target audience is an important aspect before communicating. Doing so enables you to get an overall and effective idea about the subscribers. You can proceed by analyzing the audience sample, and then filtering them on the basis of location, age, and behavior, etc.

Segment your audience:

Segmentation plays a crucial role in all marketing strategies. Categorizing the subscribers and sending them the most effective communication is necessary. To make the audience journey more fun, create a clear learning pathway, and organize content in a level-structure with gamification, you need to know the best aspects suitable for each.

For example, if a learner completes an initial level of a particular topic/chapter, you can send a notification on every step. Subsequently, urge the user to complete the course with the help of push notifications. This helps to keep the student engaged while receiving real-time guidance at every step.

Devise an opt-in strategy:

Getting opt-in for your push notification is the most crucial step in push marketing. You need people to subscribe to your alerts so that you can communicate with them. It’s a very crucial step as a wrong approach may lead to blocking of your notifications and you might lose your potential subscribers. So devise an appropriate strategy to get maximum opt-ins from the relevant audience. Don’t send a same message to the same person repeatedly, this may become spam and they may block you.  Set the time and day to send the push notification to reach the highest click rates.

Triggering the alerts:

You can send related updates to the existing students in real time. The information should be crisp and communicate clearly with the user. You can enhance the experience by giving information like key strategies, tips, interviews, etc. You can also grab more attention by sending good visuals as banner images. The more relevant is the information, the better would be the engagement level with the notifications.  So always create a tactic to write the notification copy as effective as possible. This also includes deciding the accurate segment of the audience for the particular copy of the content.


In the article, we have discussed the ways to propel an online course business by using push notifications. This will give you an idea of perfect strategies for online courses or e-learning websites. Enhance your user engagement and subscribers through appropriate, and timely notification messages. You can definitely grow and gain your customer base. Start realizing the tips now.

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